Spicy cricket snacks! (Photo by Roni Mocan)

Spicy cricket snacks! (Photo by Roni Mocan)



  • "...a perfect summer read, armchair travel in a higher key." —Los Angeles Times

  • The L Magazine: 5 Best 2012 Debuts By Brooklyn Novelists

  • Strongest Debut Book of 2012 ("What To Read Awards" for Salon.com)

  • "There's... no comparison to reading a novel that it's clear a writer had a ton of fun writing. For a light-hearted book, there's a lot of heart in The Festival of Earthly Delights." —The Rumpus

  • "If Puchai were a real country, I'd be a citizen by now, or at least an illegal alien. What a glorious novel!" —Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story

  • "A delightfully funny and heartfelt novel from a fresh voice in fiction." —Barnes & Noble, "The Long List"

  • "Dojny has created an entire country filled with characters that are so fresh and endearing, you'll find yourself wishing Puchai were a real place. I love this book." —Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords, The Daily Show)

  • "Comic novels can be whimsical, or clever, or delightful, or witty, or canny, or powerful. Rarely are they all of those things. Matt Dojny's large-hearted, bright-minded novel has drawings and letters and love and loss, and now you do, too." —Ben Greenman, author of What He's Poised to Do and Superbad

  • "Matt Dojny's novel is a true delight. I can't think of any writer since Kingsley Amis who's been able to write high-minded comedy that packs such a punch. I've never enjoyed a comic novel more." —John Wray, author of Lowboy

  • "The Festival of Earthly Delights is a thoroughly enjoyable and eminently funny book that can keep a whimsical, humorous tone intact whilst addressing very valid, topical issues.  The balancing act is as impressive as you're likely to find in any modern comedy or debut novel..." —Tottenville Review

  • "...one of the most imaginative books I have read all year, an epistolary novel bursting with wonders and surprises." —Largehearted Boy